Growth Through Trauma

There’s no instruction booklet on life and every human’s experience is unique. My aim is to convey the lessons I’ve learned in hopes they add value to your life.


These were some of my Afghan comrades. Some valiant, some survivors, but all of them freedom fighters. Some will fight to the death. Everyone has an opinion on AFG right now. I deployed there during a counter terrorism period where only US Special Forces conducted operations. It wasn’t a state building mission. It hasn’t beenContinue reading “Afghanistan”

Ketamine Essay

The first time I received ketamine was after I stepped on an IED, and the experience of emotional and physical trauma while under the influences of this medication were profound. I wrote this essay so medical providers — doctors, nurses, combat medics, etc. — can improve their understanding of how this drug can influence aContinue reading “Ketamine Essay”

Speedy Brain

The following is the short article I read on Episode 9 of the podcast titled “Speedy Brain”. One morning I awoke to snow blanketing the trees and mountains. As I sipped a cup of coffee, I realized the act of looking out my window was a respite from Speedy Brain. It’s easy to forget anyContinue reading “Speedy Brain”

Waking the Tiger

One of the greatest challenges of trauma for a trauma survivor is how nobody understands it. This can lead to others’ expectations not being met, particularly with how they think a person should heal. This results in the survivor directing all of their traumatic anxiety inwardly to avoid subjecting other people to their symptoms. It makes everything for the survivor worse.

A Letter to SOF

By Justin Lascek U.S. Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant The nature of Special Operations is to accomplish near impossible missions. We are the action arm of policy for our nation, a tool in war and peace. Nowadays we are the primary effort in combat, conflict, and influence. We may be tasked with everything from humanitarianContinue reading “A Letter to SOF”