Why, hello there. I’m Justin Lascek, a dude who’s been through a lot.

In my old job I was a Green Beret and I stepped on an IED during my second combat deployment to Afghanistan. I lost both legs below the knee and my testicles — it’s still unknown if I can be a biological dad. My near-death experience, emotional health history, trauma, combat experience, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) exposure resulted in a lot of pain, loss, and challenge. And I made some mistakes with healing. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I hope to pass some of these lessons to you.

Before the Army, I had a background in anatomy and physiology. My love for teaching culminated in a strength and conditioning company called 70s Big, and I taught educational seminars and self-published five books. As a Special Forces Medical Sergeant I developed some expertise in trauma medicine and war surgery. In combat I was fortunate enough to lead assault elements against ISIS-K and supervised the wellness of hundreds of American and partner forces. It’s been a wild ride.

I’ve reflected a lot on why this happened to me, what existence and reality are, and what the point of life is. All I know is the point of all this is to love and connect. And I hope I can share that sentiment in all I do.

Past Experience

(5 March 2019 – Present)
Emphasis on healing, meditation, and writing.

U.S. Army
(2013 – 2021)
Special Forces Medical Sergeant with two combat deployments to Afghanistan.

(2009 – Present)
A satirical yet educational strength and conditioning platform that includes a history of teaching seminars, online consultations, and self-published books. Visit 70sBig.com.

Georgia Southern University
(2004 – 2008)
Acquired a degree in exercise physiology with some graduate study in applied sport psychology.