Justin Lascek is a combat wounded Green Beret who stepped on an IED while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. He lost both legs below the knee as well as his testicles and potential fatherhood. His near-death experience, emotional health history, trauma accumulation, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) exposure led him to foster a new emotional health paradigm predicated on mindfulness. Before the Army, Justin’s background in anatomy and physiology and love for teaching culminated in a strength and conditioning company that conducted educational seminars and self-published five books. He then became a Special Forces Medical Sergeant with areas of expertise in trauma medicine and war surgery. Justin’s war experience includes leading assault elements against ISIS-K and supervising the wellness of hundreds of comrades. He resides in the mountains in Colorado and aims to teach and help people via his podcast, website, social media, and activism.

Past Experience

(5 March 2019 – Present)
Emphasis on healing, meditation, and writing.

U.S. Army
(2013 – 2021)
Special Forces Medical Sergeant with two combat deployments to Afghanistan.

(2009 – Present)
A satirical yet educational strength and conditioning platform that includes a history of teaching seminars, online consultations, and self-published books. Visit 70sBig.com.

Georgia Southern University
(2004 – 2008)
Acquired a degree in exercise physiology with some graduate study in applied sport psychology.